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  1. ☢ Zombie Apocalypse AU

  2. ♔ Royalty AU

  3. ♥ Arranged Marriage AU

  4. ✍ Highschool AU

  5. ☎ Roommates AU

  6. ☠ Hospital AU

  7. ♨ Cafe AU

  8. ❀ Flower Shop AU

  9. ♠ Vampires AU

  10. ♦ Werewolves AU

  11. ♢ Werecats AU

  12. ๑ Mermaids AU

  13. ☼ Models AU

  14. ☾ Actors AU

  15. ★ Olympic AU

  16. ♬ Musicians AU

  17. ✄ Androids AU

  18. ღ First Date AU

  19. ◔ Superhero AU

  20. ◕ Supervillain 

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The Childhood Crush ((closed with ashidohisui









Holly Branwell quickly tried getting ready for school, without using her magic. She glanced out her window, looking to the one carols from her “please be ready soon. I don’t wanna be late again” she rushed outside of her home and waited with a blush. Her blonde hair pulled back…

Holly pouted “Ashido-kun…come here your shirt isn’t buttoned right..” She blushed as she went and rebuttoned his shirt properly “Now come on we have to run so we aren’t late!” She stated

Ashido smiled and rested his hand on her head “thanks holly-chan” he let out a soft chuckle as he tucked his bag under his arm and reached in his pocket “hey before I forget, heres a little pre-quiz I whipped up for you to practice with…I had some spare time last night and remember how you said history was giving you some trouble” he smiled and handed her the paper that was covered in on the sides by his trademarked doodles, every test since he 8 he has doodled on as a sort of personal tradition

She looked to the pre-quiz and blushed lightly as smiled to him “Thank you Ashido-kun. I really hope to boost my mark in history” She began jogging to school “we better hurry, you know how strict our math class teacher is” she giggled

Ashido smiled as he shook his head “Dont thank me, I was bored..and well thinking of you at the time” he nodded as he followed her lead jogging towards the school “yeah she is, but she meas well though” he stated to holly a light blush on his cheeks as he turned a corner and tossed his bag over his shoulder

The words ‘thinking of you at the time’ made Holly’s cheeks turn crimson, of course she tried to hide this from him as she entered the classroom. Sitting in her desk next to the window. People were talking about the cultural festival coming up and how their class was going to either do a haunted house or a cafe.

Ashido smiled seeing her crimson colored cheeks, making her blush seemed to have the same effect on him as well, he sat down in his seat as he opened his bag and pulled out a childrens pop up book “I have an idea! Why don’t we do both?” He exclaimed standing up “it could be a cafe in the front while the back houses a sort of haunted maze?” He rubbed his head a bit embarrassed to speak aloud thinking his idea sounded dumb

The class rep looked over to him and smiled “that’s a great idea! Ok everyone we need people for each half of the class, cafe and haunted maze” Holly smiled to Ashido and then had other girls come up to her “Holly you should be in the cafe with us” ‘I-I don’t know I mean-’ “Come on you’d look adorable as a waitress. Please?” Holly then giggled ‘alright I’ll do it’

Ashido smiled and walked over to holly “Sorry didn’t mean to break up your little pow wow” he chuckled getting a few waves and head shakes as he pulled up a chair and sat next to her “so if we are going to do them oth together then I will have to do the sowing, I was thinking of a gothic dress style?” He pulled out a rolled up designer magazine from his pocket and opened to a page that had been marked with a small sticky note “this one would be a perfect look for you…just insead of frills how about we make them look like cob webs, ya know? To fit the theme better?” He blushed lightly giving her a close eyed smile